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Individual Counselling Services

Jeff will get to the core of your issue quickly, and give you a clear idea about what has to be done - in the first session.

Individual Counselling

Get insights and feel better after your first counselling session with Jeff Saunders, or it's free.

After helping thousands over a period of almost 25 years, Jeff can see what's happening quickly and get to the root of the problem immediately. He's helped people with disempowerment issues, those with "inadequacy" or "not good enough" feelings, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, marital disharmony or stress, workplace stress, confusion about life path, and general concern about a current life event. Jeff has also trained counsellors in a range of subjects from the creation of appropriate boundaries with others, to understanding why people can be so different, and how to manage such differences. Not only has he written numerous magazine articles on a range of issues, but has written the self-development book The 12 Choices of Winners which can also be ordered from this website

Empower yourself to overcome depression, anxiety

You can get counselling help in Christchurch for depression, anxiety or stress related issues from Jeff Saunders. He's had almost a quarter of a century offering counselling services to help people rid themselves of these demons, and as well as offering counselling, provides numerous strategies in his book The 12 Choices of Winners (see ‘Books’). The 12 Choices of Winners contains many inspirational personal development and spiritual quotes, as well as providing multiple mental health and emotional health strategies. Many clients with depression or anxiety have found the book an excellent resource to go back to over and over again, providing ongoing motivation to try new tricks.

Jeff Saunders has also empowered scores of Christchurch people with other common concerns such as anger management, loneliness, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and various emotional reactive patterns. He offers self-improvement and career direction strategies that include relationship tips and self-empowerment ideas that bring passions and desires to manifestation.

Step-parenting is a key aspect of marital counselling

Step-parenting challenges are some of the most difficult adults ever deal with. My personal experience is that step-parenting can be exhausting, unappreciated, an emotional minefield, and constantly challenging. My professional experience tells me that many others have experienced step-parenting as similarly demanding. My job is to motivate you to adopt new confidence building approaches to working with family members who see you the way my daughter did initially – as a flatmate!

Spiritual counselling, guidance, growth and support is essential to self-actualization

Seeking a new or more certain spiritual direction can be difficult in a society that tends to focus on religious norms. However, connecting with one’s own spirituality can be a distressing or confusing process, but such a step may totally cause you to reinvent your life. Over the years whilst working with both myself and others, I’ve come to discover that spiritual development requires patience and an ability to cope with disappointment. So long as we use our self-awareness to hear where we are going, any spiritual journey, whilst full of uncertainties, will take us to new places. I enjoy supporting others on their spiritual journey having walked one with many twists and turns myself.

Online Counselling Services available

Both Individual Counselling and Couples Counselling is available through Skype. Jeff's skype address is Jeff.Saunders1000. Email, or call 0064 3 9604080 to set up a session at a time that will suit you.

Counselling Section

For further details about couples counselling, and articles that will help you immediately, move to Jeff's special website dedicated to his important work with couples at couplescounselling4u

Hours, fees & cancellations:

Hours, fees & cancellations:

* Most couples sessions are for one hour, sometimes longer by negotiation.

* Cost is just $160 for a one hour session.

* Payment by cheque or cash at the end of each session is preferred.

* Hours are: 11 am - 7 pm, Monday to Thursday

* I work from rooms in my own home purpose-built for counselling work.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that I require at least 24 hours cancellation notice so that your appointment time can be made available to others. Cancellations less than 24 hours before an appointment, or an appointment missed altogether, will incur the full consultation fee.


* I am accountable to the New Zealand Association of Counsellors ethics policy. Any complaints can be made directly to:

The Secretary
New Zealand Association of Counsellors P.O. Box 165,