jeffery saunders

Life Coaching, Counselling & Mental Health and Couples Therapy

The simple, easy-to-apply secrets, that counsellors and therapists use to transform people's lives. What is counselling but an opportunity to be heard, understood and helped to reach personal insights by someone who has already done heaps of personal work on themselves.

  • ebookCouple Counselling
    Benefit from a quarter of a century of help Jeff Saunders has brought Christchurch couples. Online counselling via Skype or phone gives you access to high quality counselling from the comfort of home.
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  • ebookIndividual Counselling
    Jeff will get to the core of your issue quickly. Whether your concerns relate to depression, anxiety, anger management, self-esteem, career re-direction or relationship challenges, you will be fully heard and helped to empower yourself, and will leave with tips and ideas you can use immediately.
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  • ebookAdolescent Counselling
    After a decade of working as a school counsellor, Jeff has heard just about every teenage story. Teens and parents can often struggle to talk, so Jeff can help bridge that gap, and keep parents informed in ways to support their teenager as he works with them.
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  • ebookMen's Issues Counselling
    You can benefit from Jeff's vast experience doing men's work, and helping many struggling in relationships. Men with depression, anxiety, stress, sexual challenges, work burnout, desires for career change, and those wondering why their relationship can never seem to work will get immediate insight and ideas for moving forward.
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Counselling Section

For further details about couples counselling, and articles that will help you immediately, move to Jeff's special website dedicated to his important work with couples at