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What is counselling? Good counselling will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, and enable you to come to your own realizations as to what you can do to bring your life into greater harmony. You can expect to leave your first session feeling better, or you won't have to pay. That is my guarantee to you. My experience of working with people from all walks of life will support you to support yourself.

My passion as an educator, counsellor, life coach, individuals' and couples' therapist, and author is to empower people to improve their lives. I've had some practice at relationships and making a marriage work well. I've now had 65 years getting myself sorted out, and I'm constantly learning new tricks especially by way of my interactions with others, including my wife Lucy and stepdaughter Zita.

Currently, as part of my private practice, I specialize in counselling couples and families who are struggling with relationship challenges. I've been doing couples counselling for 25 years, and my main modality is Emotionally Focused Therapy. I first began this working with parents and families in the late 1980s as a high school counsellor, and have also taught scores of relationships courses since that time. These courses offer relationship help and advice in an educational setting. I have also offered personal and professional development courses since the first I ran in 1986. I'm keen to empower people to learn how to manage life's challenges, and have written, and are still writing, self-help and personal development books on how to become master of your own life.

I've been a couples', marriage and family counsellor and therapist since 1987, specializing in helping couples and individuals with a wide range of difficulties, especially with relationships skills. Whilst a lecturer at Vision College, I trained counsellors in a number of disciplines, including Marriage, Relationships and Family Systems, and Counselling Skills & Dynamics which teaches generic counselling skills for working with individuals, couples, families or groups.

I get to practice these skills myself in my own relationships and marriage. I'm married to Lucy and have a daughter in her late teens, and live up on the hills above Christchurch. I offer relationships, couples, marriage and personal development courses to the public, and will soon have these available on-line. I offer supervision and mentoring to counsellors, trainee counsellors, group workers, managers, and health professionals.

I trained in Gestalt and Transactional Analysis psychotherapies in the late 1980's, in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming in the 1990's, and over the last decade in Emotional Focused Couples Therapy. I completed my Masters in Counselling from Massey University in the early 1990's, and became a Masterpractitioner in NLP at that time also. I had previously taught Social Sciences and Physical Sciences in high schools. In 1992, I completed a one year course specializing in working with couples and family systems, a subject I now teach to others. I have been a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors since 1984.

Personal profile: I live and counsel individuals and couples in a suite at home in the hills above Christchurch where we enjoy lovely views over the city towards the Southern Alps and the sea. I enjoy life with my wife Lucy and step-daughter Zita. Lucy is an intuitive therapist, so psycho-babble is common talk in our household. Twenty three year-old Zita is at university, and has provided me with plenty of experience parenting in a step-family situation. I enjoy walking or jogging with our Labrador and with Lucy, manage a large hillside garden. I read personal and spiritual development books avidly, and spend a lot of time authoring books, such as "Successful Couples" available online. I meditate daily and my morning walk provides daily physical and mental wellbeing and balance.

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