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Supervision and Mentoring

Want support, understanding, and useful feedback about your professional work?

And perhaps a few laughs, the sharing of some amusing anecdotes, and a lighter look at your work environment?

jeff saunders

An experienced counsellor, Jeff Saunders has been providing experiences like this for numerous professionals over the last 25 years or so. He sees most of his supervisees from his rooms (see Location or Contact Us), but will also meet supervisees in their place of work.

Approaches to Supervision

Jeff has supervised or mentored counsellors who operate in a variety of settings, trainee counsellors, other health professional such as GPs, managers, school principals and deputy principals, and many others. He uses a very flexible approach, meeting his supervisees with a way of working that they ask for. This may include a Person Centered approach, perhaps more of a Cognitive Behavioural angle, maybe a Solution Focused direction for those wanting to problem solve situations in their practice, an intuitive angle for those who relish that experience, and possibly an information gathering approach for trainees keen to find resources or ideas that will support their work. He has also helped many counsellors through the membership process with NZAC

Jeff has training in Person Centred Counselling, CBT, TA, Gestalt, NLP and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Supervision fees are normally the same as my fees for clients, $140 per hour. However, I accommodate many variations to this, especially to people who are still training or doing their job part time. For trainee counsellors, or those in the early stages pf setting up their practice, $90 per hour is more common.

Group Supervision

A great way to save money, group supervision (usually 3 people) offers opportunity to share and learn from the experiences of others. Normally, a two hour session would cost $280 split between three (or more) people. At times, it works well for supervision to take place in the agency of those in the group, at other times a mixed group from different backgrounds meet in Jeff's counselling rooms.

Supervision Via Skype

jeff saunders

Jeff has had sufficient counselling experience to mould supervision to fit the needs of his supervisees. He also does supervision through Skype, which saves time for some, and makes quality supervision possible for others who would not otherwise be able to access it. It may be possible also to have group supervision through Skype.

It is possible to download Skype for free by going to this link and following the instructions there. Jeff helps people do this by phone if they find it too challenging to do it on their own. Click on the following connection, regardless of whether your operating system is Windows, MacIntosh, or Linux: On this page, there is a list of operating systems on the right hand side. After clicking on the name of the operating system that you have on your computer, you will be taken to a page which invites you to click on a Download Now button.

To get Jeff's contact details, click on Location or Contact Us.

Counselling Section

For further details about couples counselling, and articles that will help you immediately, move to Jeff's special website dedicated to his important work with couples at couplescounselling4u

Hours, fees & cancellations:

* Most couples sessions are for one hour, sometimes longer by negotiation.

* Cost is just $160 for a one hour session.

* Payment by cheque or cash at the end of each session is preferred.

* Hours are: 11 am - 7 pm, Monday to Thursday

* I work from rooms in my own home purpose-built for counselling work.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that I require at least 24 hours cancellation notice so that your appointment time can be made available to others. Late cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment, or appointments missed altogether will incur the full consultation fee.


* I am accountable to the New Zealand Association of Counsellors ethics policy. Any complaints can be made directly to:

The Secretary
New Zealand Association of Counsellors P.O. Box 165,